#k&k2014 (at Manhattan Penthouse)
Myra, Shereka, and I (courtesy of @heydjcam) (at Manhattan Penthouse)
Maine Trio! Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab Rolls! (at Luke’s Lobster)
My vision looks like this right about now. #24hourstogo #iwannabesedated
Perfect spot to eat ice cream. (at Williamsburg Waterfront Piers)
How I’ve missed you (at 14st Union Square)
Amazing weather for July in #NYC! (at Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA)
This is my Uncle Joe. Although, he was not my actual uncle, he threaded me like one of his own because I was best friends with @paagiela since we were 5 years old. He took us bumper bowling at Kentwood Lanes. Out for Thrifty’s Ice Cream at Lawryn Plaza after CCD at St. Vincent’s. We used to spend NYE at their house because his birthday was December 31st. There are no more birthdays to celebrate. RIP Uncle Joe, I’m sure you’re bowling a perfect score up there.
One of my very favorite dishes in NYC: spaghetti al a vongole at #celestenyc (at Celeste’s Italian Bistro)
Most people have pizza or drugs delivered at this hour. We have $5,000 worth of flowers, just because.